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CD Cover Inphantasia

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It‘s the kind of music that gives you chills, the kind of music that makes you dream and escape into another world, thanks to its fairytale story. It‘s music, which is presented by an extraordinary band, incomparably
different to any other.
Welcome to Inphantasia! Welcome to the second album of the progressive rock band Eyevory from Bremen, Germany!

Once you engage with this fascinating conceptional opus, you will be confronted with the worst experiences of your own past, you will have to face fire, cold or storm, and admit to strong emotions, such as love, affection or desire. But the adventure will be worth it, because at the end you will experience what we, the desperate and brokenhearted, we, who are on the search of ourselves, crave for: a new sense of life, new found strength, confidence and hope.

Inphantasia was released on 21 October 2016 and the music will definitely live up to the promise of its impressive cover artwork and the fairytale concept story.