It‘s the kind of music that gives you chills, the kind of music that makes you dream and escape into another world, thanks to its fairytale story.

It‘s music, which is presented by an extraordinary band, incomparably different to any other.

Welcome to the progressive rock band Eyevory from Bremen, Germany!

With their two equal lead singers and a classically trained flute, which, in contrast to Jethro Tull, does not only contribute virtuous solo parts, but also provides a gentle melodic touch in the mix – sometimes even in unison with the guitar, Eyevory set themselves apart from most other rock bands. The progressive characteristic is generated by creatively melting different styles and genres, such as rock, pop, folk and metal, but also by using complex rhythmical ideas and unpredictable changes in metre and harmony.

The driving force of the band is singer and bassist Jana Frank, who contributes most of the band‘s songs, using her feel for powerful melodies and poetic lyrics. Kaja Fischer (vocals, flute and keyboards) is by her side – a very gifted musician with a talent for adding emotional harmonic vocals, and who deeply impresses the audience with her beautiful flute playing. David Merz is the guitarist of the band and, together with Jana, he composes the majority of the band‘s songs. He is responsible for keyboard sequences on stage.
For a long time there where many guests on drums to hear. But since 2018 Eyevory is complete with Christian Schmutzer.

Eyevory was founded in 2012, looking back on a respectable amount of live shows, furthermore on supporting artists like the Canadian prog rocker‘s SAGA, Ray Wilson (Ex- Genesis), Doro Pesch, Lazuli or Manfred Mann‘s Earth Band. Eyevory received the ‚Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis‘ (German rock & pop award) in the category „Best Progressive Band“ for two times. But the most sensational event in this band’s history became their superior performance at the legendary “Night Of The Prog” Festival at Loreley in 2017.

The debut album „Euphobia“ (2013) already had a great success. The second album „Inphantasia“ was released in 2016 and the music definitely lives up to the promise of its impressive cover artwork and the fairytale concept story.

In 2019 the new Album “Aurora” will be released.


Jana Frank

Vocals / Bass

Kaja Fischer

Vocals / Flute / Piano

David Merz

Guitars / Vocals / Piano

Christian Schmutzer



"In short, it rocks like a demon and it‘s as catchy as hell. Every track is a killer, packed full of flying flute, terrific tunes and clever wordplay."" Ravenheart Music
"Unique as Eyevory‘s sound is, it really works well, and that is very refreshing indeed. Very different, but also very, very good." Powerplay