Everything’s new

It’s hard to find a single thing in the Eyevory camp that’s not new or upgraded. Not only that we got a new face on drums but together with our new record “INPHANTASIA” (out on October the 21st) there is a trailer to our upcoming album out on our youtube channel. So you already can listen to snippets of the music.

And for those who are interested in behind-the-scenes-footage we got a new studio vlog to watch. See here all the great guest musicians who were involved in the album production!

» album trailer
» studio vlog

Album pre-order

On September the 9th we’ll release the first single, the title track off the new record “Inphantasia” exclusively on iTunes. And if you pre-order the album on iTunes starting September 21st, you’ll get one track immediately!

If you rather touch and feel a disk in its beautiful digipack, you can pre-order a physical copy e.g. on one of the following stores:
Nuclear Blast

INPHANTASIA will be available on CD or as download only. No streaming. We refuse to take part in this exploitation of artists and bands so we won’t offer our music on streaming platform. So thank you for your understanding!