Thank you, Loreley!

Eyevory Live at LoreleyIt’s hard to find words that come close to what has happened to us during this past Saturday. We laughed, we cried, we were shaking and sweating.
“Live at Loreley” – we must have been dreaming! You made us feel very home on this stage. With so many beautiful people, great musicians and heroes like YES amongst others, with the sun shining down like crazy and an amazing crew – all perfectly organized and an amazing reception from you – this unbelievable crowd… we must have been dreaming – but luckily we didn’t!

We couldn’t sleep for nights before, we were not sure if we’re good enough to be inducted into this great festival, we were not sure if people would be there in these early hours of the day. And we’re terribly sorry for those people who couldn’t be there on time because of an accident at the foot of the rock. We hope you’ll get the chance to see us once more!
We had many highs and lows as a band.

The three of us – yes, at that moment we’re again without a drummer, for Arne is having some trouble with his health so we found a great interim! Many times we tought about breaking up Eyevory. But this event shall not be the last highlight of our career! We want to witness many more of these! These 60 minutes on stage gave us great confidence and hope for the future! We need to carry on!

So, thank you!! Especially Kim & Inge, Nils and Jens for everything! Thank you WIV Entertainment for inviting us! Thank you Micha and Olivia and the whole crew of Session Music for taking care! Thank YOU, you lovely people at Night of the Prog Festival at Loreley! Special thanks to all photographers for all these great shots! In our tour diary we shared some of them as well as on our facebook site.

We’re moved deeply and will keep the memories of this magic day in our hearts forever!